Ayurvedic Treatments

Treatment Details

Abhyangam: a full body massage performed with warm oil, nourishes the entire body, reduces stress, increases circulation, improves skin health. Promotes sleep and helps with apnea. 

Mini Panchakarma: A full mind and body detox and cleanse custom tailored towards each individual. Consists of a combination of Ayurvedic treatments done in conjunction with one another and a specific diet to promote detox and removal of toxins. 

Padabhyanga: foot massage performed with a combination of oil and ghee, relieves foot pain, soothes, relaxes and revitalizes nerves. 

Shiro abhyanga: this ancient Ayurvedic treatment consists of two individual therapies, Shirodhara and Abhyanga. Shirodhara is performed by pouring a gentle , steady and relaxing stream of herbal oil on your scalp forehead and neck, in addition Abhyanga; a gentle massage, is performed with light pressure on theses areas allowing the oil to sooth, nourish, revitalize and relax the head, scalp, and neck. Relieves fatigue, reduces stress, prevents dry scalp, reduces pain associated with recurring migraines. 

Shiro Pichu: an Ayurvedic treatment consisting of a cotton cloth soaked in a warm herbal oil mixture. Typically performed over the head or forehead (anterior fontanelle).

Relieves headaches and migraines, induces sleep, decreases eye strain, prevents dry scalp. Highly recommended for individuals with desk jobs. 

Shirobasti: An herbal “head bath”, a special cap is fixed on the head and a warm herbal oil is poured onto the surface of the head and retained there for as long as 30 minutes. The scalp absorbs and enjoys the benefits of the oil deeply relaxing your mind. 

Netra Basti: an Ayurvedic treatment for the eyes; a secure “dam” is created around both eyes using a lentil flour and water mixture. Next the dam is filled with melted herbal ghee. Relieves eye strain, dryness, swollen eyes, improves complexion and removes dark circles. 

Udvartana: A detox body massage consisting of either warm herbal oils or a heated herbal powder/paste with fast upward massage strokes. The fast upward strokes in combination with heated oil or paste creates heat in the body, promoting the release of toxins. Helps decrease lethargy, reduces cellulite, and promotes skin complexion. 

Kati Basti: Is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment used for lower backache and disorders of the lumbosacral region. It is a safe non-invasive treatment involving a generous quantity of herbal oils retained in specific areas of the back allowing for muscles, ligaments, and tendons to absorb the healing oils. The treatment reduces chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms and soreness. 

Greeva Basti: An herbal oil mixture is retained on the neck to relieve chronic pain, inflammation, stiffness, muscle spasms. 

Janu Basti: An herbal oil mixture is retained on the knee to relieve chronic pain,

inflammation, stiffness, muscle spasms. 

Postnatal Treatment: Custom tailored treatment based on initial consultation, body type and pregnancy term. Consists of heat therapy, lymphatic drainage, muscle stimulation, and light massage. Improves blood circulation, promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, promotes weight loss, improves strength and reduces stress. 

Prenatal Treatment: Custom tailored treatment based on initial consultation, body type and pregnancy term. Lymphatic drainage massage promotes drainage of excess toxins and fluids. Improves strength and overall feeling of wellbeing 

Shishu Abhyanga: oil based infant massage, widely practiced tradition in India among new parents. Promotes sleep and nourishment of skin, relaxes muscles, promotes

physical development of muscles, and provides relief from dry skin. 

All oils used for treatment are 100% organic and natural, treatments can be customized and tailored to individuals needs, oils can be substituted based on allergies or personal preference.

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